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Solid waste collection and disposal is a critical service that we provide to residents and businesses.  The need to protect the health and safety of our community by managing this service is one of our primary missions.  The handling of solid waste is extremely regulated from what can be disposed of; how you handle it; what needs to be recycled to where it is disposed of under both federal and state agencies.  Failure to do it right can mean significant fines being levied to defending against lawsuits from third-parties against the City.

The City of Glendora administers this critical service through a contract with a private vendor – Athens Services.  Athens Services is one of the premier companies handling Integrated Solid Waste Services in Southern California.  Athens Services has provided this valuable service for Glendora since 1992 through a series of fixed term agreements.

The City of Glendora negotiated a 10-year fixed term agreement with Athens Services that began September 1, 2014.  This new agreement provides for continuation of the existing services like Bulky item pickup weekly, ability to use up to 10-trash cans weekly, street sweeping and recycling service to meet the California mandates.

Under the agreement, ratepayers receive services that will assist customers and ensure the City of Glendora remains compliant with the stringent regulatory requirements.


Trash, Recycling and Green Waste 

 Household Hazardous Waste

Bus Stop Maintenance

Disabled Roll-Out Program

Graffiti Removal


Commercial Recycling 

Missed Pick-Up Complaints

Public Parking Lots/Alley Sweeping

Street Sweeping

Earth Day Festival

For more Information, please call Athens Services Customer Service line
at 888-336-6100 or email