Colby Fire Impact Area K-Rail Information

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UPDATED SEPTEMBER 26, 2017: Considering the vegetation regrowth and natural soil rehabilitation over the burn area, the removal of the majority of K-rail is recommended in two phases.  Based on the historical mud and debris flows over the past three rain seasons, staff recommends leaving some strategic K-rail areas in place to protect residences where the more significant mud and debris flows have occurred over the past three years.  

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February 2014

Based on the assessments of Los Angeles County Flood Control, the United States Department of Agriculture - National Resources Conservation Service and Glendora Public Works, the following streets were scheduled to have K-rail placed upon them either partially or nearly completely:

Loraine Ave. just south of Palm Dr. and to the north

Becklee Rd. at the cul-de-sac

Englewild Dr./Rose Dr. at the curve

Several areas of the Flood Control road behind the houses on Englewild Dr. north of Rose Dr.

Palm Drive at the Flood Control Channel and two intersections

Several portions of Glencoe Heights Dr. north of Palm Dr.

Several areas on Oak Canyon Ln.

Glendora Ave. north of Sierra Madre Ave.

Rainbow Dr. north of Sierra Madre Ave.

Grand Ave. north of Sierra Madre Ave. and the intersections south to Leadora Ave.

Yucca Ridge north of Sierra Madre Ave.

Several areas on Hicrest Rd.

Leose Ln. and Pennsylvania Ave. in areas north of Sierra Madre

Banna Ave. in the 800 block

Conifer Rd. several sections of K-rail and pipe and timber structures

Glendora Public Works was in the field attempting to contact potentially impacted residential properties between February 14 – 28, 2014 to explain the rational.  In some cases, the placement will require permission of a private property owners and a notarized Right of Entry Agreement.  If you have any questions about the designated areas or wish to have your property assessed to see if it meets the flood control criteria, please call (626) 914-8246.