Household Hazardous Waste

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Hazardous Waste Disposal

Hazardous waste materials include but are not limited to paints, pesticides, fertilizer, pool chemicals, motor oil and other petroleum products, pharmaceuticals, electronic appliances and computers, fluoresecent light bulbs and tubes, batteries, and tires.  General information and answers to questions about household hazardous waste and proper disposal can be found by visiting the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works web site or by calling 1-888-CLEAN LA.

Hazardous waste cannot be placed in the trash.  If Athens staff identifies hazardous waste in household trash, it will be tagged as hazardous and will not be collected.  Hazardous waste must be taken to a Household Harzardous Waste Roundup or a permanent S.A.F.E Collection Center.

Household Hazardous Waste Roundups

Household Hazardous Waste Roundups are one-day events hosted by the Sanitation of Districts of Los Angeles County (LACSD) and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works on Saturdays at various locations around Los Angeles County. A schedule of upcoming roundup events is available on the LACSD website.

  • Upcoming Event: December 21, 2019, Bracket Field, City of La Verne

Business owners: Please note that businesses cannot take hazardous materials to Household Hazardous Waste Roundups; these events are for residents only.  Please visit the SmartBusiness Recycling website to find a location or company to help you dispose of hazardous materials.

Household Hazardous Waste At-Home Pickup Days

Athens Services provides Glendora residents with at-home pickup of hazardous materials. At-home pickups take place twice per year on designated Saturdays. Interested residents may contact the Athens Services at (855) 557-1007 for the next scheduled at-home pickup day, and to obtain participation instructions.

S.A.F.E. Collection Centers

S.A.F.E. (Solvents / Automotive / Flammables / Electronics) Collection Centers are permanent facilitites that are open every weekend.  The center that is closest to Glendora is located at the Los Angeles-Glendale Treatment Plan at 4600 Colorado Boulevard in Los Angeles (see map).  Additional information about the S.A.F.E. Collection Center and a list of other centers is available on the City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works web site.

Electronic Waste

Electronic waste or e-waste includes televisions, computers, cell phones, and other electronic items. E-waste cannot be placed in the trash. Glendora residents and businesses may contact Athens Services to request curbside pickup.  Pickups take place on trash day and must be scheduled at least one day in advance. Contact Athens at (888) 336-6100 to schedule a free pickup. 

E-waste can also be taken to a Household Hazardous Waste Roundup. E-waste is also accepted at the Puente Hills Material Recovery Facility Recycle Center and at all Goodwill Retail Stores and Donation Centers. The Goodwill stores in Glendora are located at 526 W. Foothill Boulevard and 1936 E. Route 66.


Paint products may be delivered to a Household Hazardous Waste Roundup for proper disposal. Additionally, there are two retailers in Glendora that accept unwanted paint, free of charge.

  • Dunn-Edwards: 630 S. Grand Ave; limit 20 gallons per visit
  • Sherwin-Williams: 651 S. Grand Ave; limit 20 gallons per visit
  • Mission Ace Hardware: 531 S. Glendora Ave; limit 5 gallons per visit. 

These retails will accept paints, stains, and varnishes. Material must be delivered in its original container, with the label legible. Aerosols will not be accepted. Dried paint will not be accepted, and can be placed in the regular trash.


Most batteries, including regular household AA, AAA, C, and, D batteries, are considered hazardous waste and cannot be placed in the trash.  Batteries can be taken to any Household Hazardous Waste Roundup event or S.A.F.E. Collection Center. 

Pharmaceuticals and Sharps Disposal

Pharmaceuticals (medications, vitamins, etc.) and sharps (hypodermic needles) disposal containers can be taken to any Household Hazardous Waste Roundup.

Glendora residents may obtain sharps disposal containers, free of charge. Contact Athens Services at (888) 336-6100 to place a request.  Once full, the container is returned via USPS using the postage paid mail back feature. 

Visiting a Drug Take Back Site is the best way to dispose of old or unused medication. If you are not able to visit a Drug Take Back Site promptly, please check if your medication is on the FDA Flush List. If your medication is not on the FDA Flush List, please follow these instructions on how to dispose of medication in the trash. 

Motor Oil

Motor oil is considered hazardous waste and must be disposed of properly.  Motor oil cannot be placed in the trash or poured out on the ground or in the gutter.

Used motor oil can be taken to any Household Hazardous Waste Roundup event or S.A.F.E. Collection Center.  Used motor oil is also accepted at several locations in and around Glendora.  Locations can be found by searching on the CalRecycle web site.


Tires cause a variety of environmental hazards if not disposed of properly, and must be recycled.  There are a variety of locations in Los Angeles County that accept tires for recycling, usually for a small fee.  In addition, free tire recycling events are held several times per year at various locations around the County.