905 E. Arrow Highway

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Commercial and Residential Project

COMMERCIAL (Under Construction)

905 E Arrow Hwy

Glendora Public Market

The western portion of the property at 905 E. Arrow Highway is undergoing an adaptive re-use and renovation into a brewery taproom and food hall. The building, vacant for the past several years, was previously occupied by Hostess and Wonder Bread as a bakery. The new food hall, to be named “Glendora Public Market”, would include a brewery taproom and a variety of ten (10) tenant spaces. Most proposed tenants are food related, but retail and other services are also allowed. The brewery taproom will be the building’s main tenant. The “food hall” focus is for the brewery taproom seating area to serve as a cafeteria or food court of sorts. Patrons can purchase food related items from the various tenant spaces and use the main seating area in the taproom. The brewery taproom operator will be Smog City Brewing Company, which is based in Torrance and has an existing taproom in Long Beach. 

Approvals for Food Hall / Alcohol Sales

On March 6, 2018 the Planning Commission approved a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for alcohol sales (on and off site), entertainment, and a parking lot expansion related to the adaptive re-use and renovation of the property.

Permits / Construction

Building permits were first issued and construction took place related to onsite demolition, structural retrofits, and installation of exterior canopies and awnings.  Permits were later issued for grading (on 7/25/19) and tenant improvements (on 7/26/19).  Major construction activity is underway and is expected to take place for several months.

More information about the project and its proposed food venders can be found at the development’s website: http://glendorapublicmarket.com/



905 Arrow Hwy Residential Project

Project Description

Subdivision of 2.65 acres of land at the northeast corner of Arrow Highway and Sunflower Avenue in order to create two separate parcels: The western portion of the site (Lot 1) would include the existing brick building that is approved and currently under construction for remodel conversion into a food hall with brewery tap room (“Glendora Public Market”). The eastern portion of the site (Lot 2) is vacant and proposed for development with 16 detached, two-story residential condominium homes, along with supporting community infrastructure, landscaping, lighting, and common areas.

Proposed Request

The proposed project involves the following discretionary approvals for consideration:

  • Development Plan Review for the approval of the project's residential development plans.
  • Minor Modification Permit to allow a setback reduction for the second story portions of the proposed homes to the rear property line of adjacent neighboring residential properties (35 feet required;  29.75 feet requested).
  • Tentative Tract Map No. 76051 to create a residential condominium subdivision that establishes exclusive private areas and common area, and defines ownerships that can be acquired and sold by future homeowners.

Public Hearing

The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing to receive and consider all evidence and reports relating to the application/project. The Planning Commission is scheduled for January 7, 2019 (7:00 pm City Council Chambers, 116 E. Foothill Boulevard, Glendora City Hall). The Planning Commission is an advisory body on this matter and will make a recommendation to the City Council. A hearing before the City Council will be conducted at a later date.

Document Links

Project Plans for subdivision and residential:

Contact Information  

  • Glendora Planning Department:  Mark Carnahan, City Planner (626) 852-8253 or mcarnahan@cityofglendora.org
  • Project Applicant: Garrett Whitfeld, GSW Development, (949)433-8070 or  gwhitfie@gmail.com
  • Property Owner: Shaw Investment Inc.