Legislative Advocacy Correspondence

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Legislative Advocacy Correspondence

The City Council amended its Legislative Advocacy Policy in 2013 to assist in being proactive in advocating for and against various legislative proposals that from time to time may be considered by Legislators in Washington and Sacramento.  Administrative Policy No. 1.12 recognizes that time can be of the essence if the City is going to be able to share its thoughts on legislation, so it allows for the City to adopt and respond to requests from the various regional and State bodies it belongs to.  Those include, but are not limited to, the League of California Cities, San Gabriel Valley Council of Government, Contract Cities and Independent Cities.

In cases where the City Council position on legislation has not been established clearly enough to send correspondence, or where there may be a perceived shift from previous position, the City Manager and/or City Council Members may ask for the item to be placed on a public agenda for discussion by the entire City Council.  The communication of a position does not necessarily mean that every Council Member supports it in part or in its entirety—only that at least a majority or more of the City Council believes that position best reflects the community’s position.

In general, the City Council is concerned about any legislation that would restrict local control; require unfunded mandates; have a negative impact upon the business community and be of concern to the overall health and safety of its residents.  Every legislative request is viewed with these principles in mind.