Graffiti Removal

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Starting September 1, 2014, Athens Services will undertake this very important service.  While Glendora has a relatively low number of incidents of graffiti throughout the year, it is critical for us to remove this unsightly markings as quickly as possible.  Graffiti left unabated can be a significant factor to neighborhoods becoming eyesores and more inviting to crime.

Graffiti removal was previously performed by the maintenance staff from the city’s Public Works Department.  With Athens Services providing this service it will allow us to redirect personnel to pressing needs in street and other public right-a-way maintenance needs.

Athens Services is required to remove 90% of graffiti that is reported to our designated reporting phone numbers or email addresses within 24-hours.  They need to remove 100% within 48-hours.  Athens Services is required to photograph each graffiti incident and forward that information to the Glendora Police Department.  A special team of officers uses that information to try to track down the perpetrators and keep track of possible gang activity. 

About 60% of the graffiti occurs on public property, so Athens can move fairly rapidly to remove through power-washing it off or using matching paint to cover it.  A high number of incidents however occur on private property like property walls, fences or other structures.  So Athens Services needs to obtain written permission from the property owner to come onto the property to remove the graffiti.  While this usually does not take more than a day or two, there can be times when the owner may be out of town or unreachable for a period of time.  

To report graffiti call 626-963-8540 or email

Questions?  Call an Athens Services Customer Service Representative at 888-336-6100.

There is no additional charge for this service to the City of Glendora or its ratepayers.