Public Parking Lots/Alley Sweeping

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Athens Services provides street sweeping to all public parking lots owned by the City of Glendora and public alleys.  This service is being done to further comply with enhanced regulations by the State of California dealing with discharges into the storm drains.  This service will also assist the City in keeping their appearance clean.

Residents that have alleys behind their homes need to make sure all vehicles are not parked in a manner that would impede access by sweepers and public safety vehicles that may need to access the alley.  Residents should also ensure that trash cans or any other object are within their property and not impeding the access of these vehicles.

Schedule of Alleys Sweeping

Schedule of Parking Lots Sweeping

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There is no additional charge for this service to the City of Glendora or its ratepayers.

Questions?  Please call Athens Services Customer Service Line at 888-336-6100 or email