Missed Pick-Up Complaints

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These are, in fact, extremely rare occasions.  However, while Athens Services endeavors to keep its vehicle fleet in top condition so that they can serve their clients, there can be an occasion where a truck just breaks down.  There are numerous moving parts in the engine and hydraulics that can break.

As a result, schedules can be delayed when these rare situations occur.  All of Athens Services vehicles are equipped with global positioning devices (GPS) so they can be tracked.  In addition, each vehicle is equipped with communication equipment that allows Athens Services to contact each one.

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Additionally, Athens Services has a supervisor in the field each day to coordinate the trash vehicles, sweepers and other activities they operate.  As part of our franchise agreement with Athens Services, they are required to keep records of complaints and those reports are sent on a monthly basis to the City of Glendora.

If you believe there is a problem with a possible missed pickup or any other service, please call Athens Services Customer Service Line at 888-336-6100 or email