Youth Anti-Drug Awareness Information

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The Glendora Police Department works diligently to reduce the use and distribution of illegal and controlled drugs in our community.  While marijuana is the most common drug of abuse by youth, a new trend of prescription drug use by teens is growing.  Prescription drugs are obtained by youth from family and friends' homes.  To assist parents in understanding the dangers and trends of prescription drug abuse the following links provide immediate access to information for parents and community members. 


Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)
An excellent site that not only goes over the problem of Rx drug abuse, but covers Over-the-Counter drug abuse, and gives list of commonly abused Rx drugs that goes over the forms and brands, effects and use, dangers and risks, signs of use, symptoms of overdose and of withdrawal, as well as treatment options of each specific group of Rx drugs.


A general overview on Rx drug abuse and gives several downloadable pamphlets, guides, and other useful fliers straight from the site.
An article that goes over the following points: Reasons why people abuse Rx drugs; What drugs are abused; An overview of over-the-counter drugs; Dangers of abusing medications; How to tell if you or someone else is addicted; Tips for taking prescription medication correctly.
A quick overview of the problem, with a short Q & A section, and four linked short videos / infomercials about Rx drug abuse.
Website offering resources to find substance rehabilitation centers around Glendora.  


A site that provides the street names for all types of commonly abused drugs. This information can assist parents when reviewing kids text messages, social networking posts (Facebook, MySpace, & Twitter), emails, and conversations.


An article that takes the "real person experience" approach, and has fewer statistics.
An article that gives a quick overview, a few statistics, and gives a useful guide for parents to help cope.
An excellent article that combines statistics with personal experiences that covers the problems of Rx drug abuse.

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