Helmet, Bicycle, and Skateboard Safety

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The law requires all persons under the age of 18 to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle, a non-motorized scooter, a skateboard, or while wearing in-line skates or roller skates. It also requires passengers under 18 years of age to wear helmets.

Nearly 50 percent of children 14 and under who are hospitalized for bicycle, in-line skating and skateboarding-related injuries are diagnosed with a brain injury. Bicycle injuries and deaths affect children and young people more than any other age group.

The Glendora Police Department wants to ensure the safety of your child and has created the “Notice of Bicycle/Skateboard Equipment Violations” as an educational reminder to help your child understand the importance of wearing a helmet and obeying traffic laws and municipal codes while operating a bicycle or skateboard.

The program was initiated for your child’s safety. These violation notices are not citations. The sole purpose of the notice is to remind the child of important safety issues. If the child commits the same violation again, it could result in an actual citation which can consist of a fine and/or court appearance.

If you have any questions regarding helmet safety, please contact the Glendora Police Department Traffic Division at (626)914-8250 or by emailing traffic@glendorapd.org.