Traffic Division

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The traffic bureau has many functions in the Glendora Police Department, but our primary function is to reduce property damage and injuries by reducing traffic collisions.  We do this by incorporating the three "E's" of traffic safety - Education, Enforcement and Engineering.

The traffic bureau is responsible for traffic safety EDUCATION classes in many of the schools in Glendora. The classes usually address topics such as driving  under the influence, bicycle and pedestrian safety, and vehicle occupant safety. 

ENFORCEMENT of traffic laws is done both by officers in the traffic bureau and in patrol through the use of directed enforcement and checkpoints.  We also participate in regional task force efforts to reduce the number of drunk drivers on the road.

The traffic bureau assists the City of Glendora Traffic Engineers by identifying potential problems affecting traffic flow throughout the City. Traffic problems can often be solved through ENGINEERING rather than enforcement.



If you have questions about the vehicle code laws and their interpretations, please feel free to call the traffic division at the Glendora Police Department (626) 914-8277.  Also, let us know if you have any questions about how traffic laws apply to streets in Glendora by e-mailing


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