Early Morning Parking Permits

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Early Morning Parking Enforcement Information - (626) 914-8279

(recorded line advising information about enforcement, including holiday exemptions)
 Purchase Permit   Please read the following information carefully before clicking the purchase button. 
    Click here for a list of dates and City Holidays which are exempt from EMPP restrictions. 

CONDITIONS OF USE | Early Morning Parking Permits (EMPP) are required by GMC 10.12.020.
  1. Early Morning Parking Permits (EMPP) are valid only from 2 A.M. to 4 A.M.
  2. EMPPs are required from Monday-Friday, weekends and certain holidays are exempted.
  3. Expires on the date shown on receipt.
  4. Receipt MUST be clearly displayed face up, on driver’s side of the vehicle dashboard.
  5. Valid only for the vehicle matching the license number listed on receipt.
  6. Vehicles MUST be moved after 72 consecutive hours or be subject to tow.
  7. Tampering with or duplication of the receipt is strictly prohibited and will result in a citation.
  8. An EMPP does not provide exemption from any other parking laws or requirements.
  9. EMPPs contain a security code to verify authenticity.
  1. Length of time the EMPP will be needed (up to 5 consecutive days).
  2. The License plate number of the vehicle.
  3. The address the vehicle will be parked at (WILL NOT BE PRINTED ON THE EMPP).
  4. Return e-mail address (WILL NOT BE PRINTED ON THE EMPP).
  5. A valid Visa or Mastercard (WILL NOT BE PRINTED ON THE EMPP).
  1. EMPP’s are $5 per night.
  2. Please make sure you have a working printer connected to your computer.
  3. Please check your information carefully.
  4. Parking permits can also be obtained from kiosks at Gladstone Park at 630 E. Gladstone Ave. or in front of the Glendora Police Station at 150 S. Glendora Ave.

1. EMP (Annual) cost is $75.
2. Applicant must meet the criteria as set in G.M.C. 10.12.022 Early Morning Parking Permit - Annual Permits
• View FAQs regarding application requirements for Annual Early Morning Parking Permit