District Policing Map

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In order to best serve our community, the Glendora Police Department divides the city into four districts: 1, 2, 3, and 4. Based on where you live or work in the city, you have representatives assigned to assist you. As an example, if you are experiencing long-term problems in your neighborhood, your District Commander can assist in working with you to remedy the issue.

The District Policing model supports the vision for developing a continuous improvement focus based policing culture in Glendora. Focus Based Policing is a distinct management philosophy recognizing the need for continuous performance improvement through employee development and innovation.   Each team member evaluates their assigned duties with an approach of looking for ways we can add value to our service and improve our operations.

This map is provided to assist you in finding out which district you live in.

District 1 District 3 District 2 District 4
Please click on the area of the map in which you reside or look below to determine the District Commander responsible for your area. Click here for a larger map.


District Commanders
District One (Red Zone)
District 1 Commander
Phone: (626) 914-8200 Ext. 301

District Two (Blue Zone)
Email: District 2 Commander
Phone: (626) 914-8200 Ext. 302

District Three (Green Zone)
Email: District 3 Commander
Phone: (626) 914-8200 Ext. 303

District Four (Yellow Zone)
Email: District 4 Commander
Phone: (626) 914-8200 Ext. 304

Traffic Problems (Citywide)
Email: Traffic Corporal
Phone: (626) 914-8277