K-9 Program

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Glendora’s fourth police K-9 is named Sam.  Sam is a Belgian Malinois from Holland and is trained in the European Canine sport of KNPV. 

Sam and his Handler Officer Joel Cloud graduated a six week, 240 hour training course in November 2018.  Sam is trained in searching and apprehension techniques which are used to locate suspects.  There is a strict criteria that is followed before a K-9 is deployed.  A police K-9 is only deployed for serious crimes or when safety is jeopardized.  Sam is also trained to locate items discarded by suspects based upon the scent of the person who handled the item.

Officer Cloud has been a Glendora Police Officer for three years and is also a member of the Community Impact Team (CIT).  Officer Cloud and Sam train four hours weekly with a local training group and attend one full training day each month.  Sam will also be trained in narcotics detection in the near future.  

  Officer Cloud poses in front of a police car with his K9 partner Sam.

Joel will be Sam's handler for the duration of his service, approximately 5 to 7 years.  After Sam retires, he will remain with Joel for the rest of his life.   

If you are interested in supporting our K-9 Program, please view our Glendora Police Department Donation Form.