Department Divisions

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The Police Department is divided into two Divisions consisting of various Bureaus. The following are descriptions of each Bureau and the duties and responsibilities of each.

Administration Division
The Administration Division consists of the following Bureaus:

The Administration Services Division is led by the Chief of Police, and supervised by the Captain and Support Services Supervisor.  The Administration Services Division is comprised of one (1) Captain, (1) Administrative Assistant, one (1) Support Services Supervisor and one (1) Community Services Officer. The Division provides administrative and operations support for the Department. The Division handles human resource issues, recruitment, and hiring for the Police Department. In addition to supervisory duties, the Support Services Supervisor acts as the Jail Manager. The jail is audited and inspected by seven outside regulatory agencies including the State Board of Corrections, Los Angeles County Grand Jury, the Health Department, and Fire Department.

Community Relations Bureau
The Community Relations Bureau is supervised by the Support Services Supervisor. A Community Services Officer performs community relations programs, school safety education programs, and conducts Citizen Academy classes. One full-time Police Officer is assigned as a School Resource Officer provides security and mentoring for students at Glendora High School, Whitcomb High School, and Glendora middle schools (1/2 funded by Glendora Unified School District). A part-time Police Officer working as a School Resource Officer provides security and mentoring for students at Sierra High School (fully funded by the Azusa Unified School District).

Community Preservation/Code Enforcement Bureau
The Community Preservation Bureau is supervised by the Support Services Supervisor. This bureau is commonly referred to as Code Enforcement and comprised of two (2) full-time Community Preservation Officers and one (1) part - time Community Preservation Officer. Code Enforcement works with a variety of City Departments and agencies within Los Angeles County. Code Enforcement investigates violations of the City Zoning Code, Municipal Code, State Health Codes, and Uniformed Housing Code. The unit works with the City Attorney and Police Department to prepare legal actions when informal mitigation fails to remedy unsafe health and safety violations.

Information Systems Bureau 
The Information Technology/Communications Bureau is supervised by the Information Systems Supervisor. The bureau provides technical support and maintenance for police computer systems and databases, City-wide radio, telephone, and communications systems. This Bureau is responsible for over 65 computers at the police facility and in police cars, network servers, dispatch systems, radios in more than 75 City vehicles and over 100 portable radios. 

Information Systems personnel conduct crime analysis and computer criminal forensic analysis for the department. The Bureau is comprised of one (1) Information Systems Supervisor one (1) Information System Technology Analyst (grant funded) and (1) Information System Technology Analyst. 

Records Bureau
The Records Bureau is supervised by the Records Supervisor. This bureau processes and stores all police reports and supporting documents. The bureau prepares court documentation for the filing of criminal charges, archives crime reports as required by law, and processes Public records requests for police records. Records Bureau personnel staff the police lobby front counter, answer City Hall and police business telephone lines, and assist as matrons in the jail. The Records Bureau is comprised of one (1) Records Supervisor, six (6) Records Specialists, and seven (7) part-time Police Cadets.

Operations Division
The Operations Division consists of the following Bureaus:

Patrol Bureau
The Patrol Bureau’s primary mission is to enhance the safety and security of the community by providing professional frontline law enforcement services. There are 53 employees assigned to the Patrol Bureau, comprised of four (4) Lieutenants, four (4) Sergeants, four(4) Corporals, twenty-one (21) sworn Officers, eight (8) Police Service Representatives (dispatchers), five (5) Jailers, five (5) Reserve Police Officers, and two (2) Community Services Officers (CSO). These employees provide 24/7 public safety through field units, the communication center, and jail operations. Patrol Officers are assigned to one of four Police Service Districts (geographic areas) and are supported by Motorcycle Traffic Officers, Reserve Police Officers, a K-9 Unit, and Community Services Officers. The field Sergeant supervises field personnel and the Lieutenant Watch Commander manages the jail, dispatch center, and entire shift operations. Jailers book, process, and supervise inmates in the jail, pending transportation to court. The Police Service Representatives are Public Safety Dispatchers answering business and emergency calls for police and fire services. They dispatch, monitor, and coordinate field units’ responses to calls for service.

Investigations Bureau
The Investigations Bureau is comprised of one (1) Lieutenant, one (1) Sergeant, seven (7) Investigators, one (1) Investigator assigned to Drug Enforcement Agency Southwest Border Drug Task Force, one (1) Investigator assigned to the CALMMET Methamphetamine Task Force (grant-funded), one (1) Community Services Officer (Evidence/Property Specialist), one (1) Court Officer (PSRII), one (1) Records Specialist, and one (1) part-time Cadet who handle Subpoena Service/Witness Coordination for court and assist with evidence processing. Investigators assigned to the various task force assignments allow the Police Department access to numerous local, State, and Federal specialized resources and personnel.

The Investigations Bureau is responsible for all follow-up on crime reports prepared by the Patrol Bureau. Investigators handle special investigations involving a variety of crimes requiring either specialized training or a coordinated approach. Examples include narcotics cases, surveillances, white collar crime, search warrants, vice, burglary, thefts, robbery, and homicides. The Investigations Bureau is responsible for preparing cases for court filing and assisting the Assistant District Attorney with prosecution of felony cases in trial. The Lieutenant conducts internal investigations and citizen complaint investigations. The Division also processes evidence and provides prisoner transportation to the court.

Traffic Bureau
This bureau investigates traffic collisions, enforces vehicle code violations, and works with the City Traffic Engineer to identify traffic safety and engineering issues. Traffic Officers conduct education and enforcement operations to reduce accident-causing traffic violations. The Traffic Bureau is comprised of one (1) Police Corporal, two (2) Motorcycle Officers, one (1) Senior Community Services Officer (grant funded), nineteen (19) part-time contract Crossing Guards (All City Management Services), and three (3) Full- time contract Parking Enforcement Officers (Inter Con Security). The traffic Bureau manages several Office of Traffic Safety DUI/Safety grants that provide funding for traffic safety programs and equipment.

Jail Bureau
The Glendora Jail is comprised of (5) Jailers who are supervised by the on-duty Watch Commander. The Glendora Jail is a Type I Jail facility that receives, processes, and houses both misdemeanor and felony un-sentenced prisoners prior to their arraignment and transfer to the custody of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s main jail. Through a contract with the City of Irwindale, prisoners arrested by Irwindale Police are booked and housed in the City of Glendora Jail for a cost resulting in a revenue stream.

Emergency Services 
Emergency Services is responsible for City-wide, local homeland security requirements, and conducts community relations presentations regarding emergency preparedness. Members who work and assist in the area of Emergency Services also may coordinate volunteer services such as Police Auxiliary members, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), and Glendora Emergency Amateur Radio Services (GEARS).