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Who Are Partners of La Fetra Center?

Partners of La Fetra Center is a charitable non-profit organization established to support the Glendora La Fetra Center in an effort to enhance the quality of life for the older adults in the City of Glendora. Your membership gift for Partners goes directly to programs, equipment and support of the La Fetra Center. Donations are tax deductible as provided by law. Membership is open to any person: dues are $10 per year, per person. For more information or to join, please call 626-914-8235. The monthly publication, "La Fetra Times", is available for subscription for $12 per year or Partners Members pay $10 per year.

How Does Partners Benefit the La Fetra Center?

Membership is open to everyone! Dues are $10 per year. Individuals wishing to join Partners of La Fetra should complete a membership application and submit it with the appropriate dues. Becoming a partners member means your contribution goes back into helping the La Fetra Center Directly. Partners of La Fetra has helped fund numerous improvement projects at our center including but  not limited to: purchasing new furniture for the Historic Building, purchasing new blinds for the Expansion Building, recovering the pool tables, repainting the pool room, and so much more!

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Privileges of Membership

In addition to the tax-deductible benefits provided by law, Partners membership benefits include the ability to vote for or become an officer, and discounts on Partners sponsored activities.

Gifts in Addition to Membership

Cash donations of any size are appreciated and accepted by Partners; other gifts will be considered for acceptance. Your tax-deductible contribution will directly benefit the La Fetra Center and its programming. For more information on giving, please call (626) 914-8235.

Partners of La Fetra

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