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Please Click here to see the Adopt - A - Park Program handbook. The adopt - a park educational program that provides individuals, local businesses, and community organizations the opportunity to take an active role in the beautification and maintenance of Glendora's Parks. Three ways to become involved in the program are: Improvement Sponsorship, Donation Sponsorship, and Project Sponsorship.

Improvement Sponsorship is designed for individuals to do maintenance activities such as (but not limited to):graffiti removal, litter removal, small scale gardening and landscaping, and painting. The Community Services Department will work with the adopting organization to identify the needs of the requested site and will provide necessary training.  The participating organization will receive recognition.

planting south hills    planting south hills 2 

A Donation Sponsorship is a great way to celebrate the life of a loved one or any special occasion. A donation sponsorship also provides the opportunity to recognize  residents, business people, and professionals who have made an impact on the Glendora Community. Your monetary donations will purchase and install Park Amenities in accordance with design standards for Glendora's public spaces. Click here to view the Park Amenities Price List.  A plaque will be affixed to or near the amenity if possible, with donator's name. Your donation will be recognized and featured in the Community Services Recreation and Activities Guide.

Amenities include (but not limited to): 


  • Picnic tables
  • Signs
  • Drinking fountains
  • Trash receptacles
  • Shade structures
  • Benches
  • Trees
park bench

tree in hand  

A Memorial Tree is a wonderful gift that will last a  lifetime.

A memorial tree can be planted for many occasions: in memory of someone who has passed away; in honor of a dedicated service member; to celebrate a birthday, graduation, wedding, retirement, or other occasion. A tree will be planted in a City designated area and participants will be presented with an engraved plaque.  (We do not put markers or plaques at the tree site). Click here for the Memorial Tree Request Form.  For more information or to request a form, please contact: Community Services Department (626) 852-4869.

A Project Sponsorship can make the difference in our neighborhoods. The ultimate goal is to improve our community and quality of life. Through a collaborative partnership with the Community Services Department; we can make the difference.  Project Sponsorships are available year round.  Your monetary gift will cover the cost of a large-scale project from groundbreaking to completion. When the project is complete, a sign with your name will be placed at your adopted project site. In addition, your organization will receive recognition, a plaque, and be featured in ALL of the Community Services marketing material. Projects may include (but not limited to):  

  • New playground equipment                                   parkplayset1
  • New athletic field lighting
  • Renovation for an athletic field or dog park
  • A new basketball, tennis, or volleyball court


Click Here for the Adopt a Park Application

          Click Here for the Adopt-A-Park Waiver Form       



West Coast Arborists-Donated money

Keller Williams Realty-Restored park benches at Finkbiner Park

U.S. Navy Jessica Rubidoux-Restored lion at Gladstone Park

Lisa Morris and Family-Donated a bench

Helping Faces, Inc.-Donated a bench

Latter Day Saints-Renovated the Teen Center

Glendora LDS Church Troop 498-Planted trees throughout the City of Glendora

Girl Scout Troop 6154-Painted Centennial Seal for Rotary Scout Hut

Girl Scout Troop 8894-Adopted Willow Springs Park

Foothill Church Youth Group-Painted Backstops at Lobb Field & Refurbished Barbeques in Finkbiner Park

Meacham Family-Adopted Wren Meacham Trail Head & Parking Lot



Sandra Fahey-donated a memorial tree at Gladstone Park

Stella Faught and Family-donated a memorial tree at South Hills Park

John Geddes and Family-donated a memorial tree at Finkbiner Park

Parks Department-donated a memorial tree at Gladstone Park

Marianne Mouroulis and Family-donated a memorial tree at Finkbiner Park

Shirley O'Brien-donated a memorial tree at Big Tree Park


The Community Services Department would like to thank all groups and organizations for their hard work and volunteerism to the community.