Employee Awards

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Star Service awards began in 1996 to recognize outstanding individual employee performance as acknowledged each month by community members, city and library staff.  At the end of each calendar year, the employee who has received the highest number of commendations is honored by having his/her name engraved on a perpetual gold "Star Trophy."   The following year, when a new winner is identified, the previous winner, who has to return the trophy, receives a special plaque commemorating his/her service award.  


                                                                      Star Service Employee Award

MONTH                                                EMPLOYEE

June 2020:                          
May 2020:                           Yessica Rowe, Library Aide III 
April 2020:                           Rochelle White, Library Technician
March 2020:                        George Waters, Library Aide V
February 2020:                   Caroline Hernandez, Library Technician
January 2020:                     Rebecca Simjian, Librarian II
December 2019:                 Alexis Mendoza, Librarian I
November 2019:                 Michelle Welti, Library Aide I
October 2019:                     Rochelle White. Library Technician
September 2019:                Michelle Welti, Library Aide I
August 2019:                      Caroline Hernandez, Library Technician
July 2019:                           Maricela Enriquez, Library Aide
June 2019:                          Alexander Cordova,  Library Aide I

2019 "Star Service" Trophy Recipient

 Glendora Publ2020 Winnersic Library’s 23rd annual “Star Trophy” recipient for 2019 is once again Marcie Enriquez, Library Aide III.  Marcie joined the Library family in 2014. Marcie was recognized 16 times in 2019 by co-workers and community members for outstanding service accomplishments.  Highlights include: providing exceptional service to our customers, making Science fun and magical for the children, and being a perfect blend of professional and friendly. We also would like to congratulate our first place runner-up Caroline Hernandez, and second place runner-up Rochelle White. Congratulations to all! 


2018 "Star Service" Trophy Recipient

Employee STAR award winners 2018 Kurt Galley, Marcie Enriquez, and Lisa Moskowitz

Glendora Public Library’s 22nd annual “Star Trophy” recipient for 2018 is Marcie Enriquez, Library Aide III.  Marcie joined the Library family in 2014. Marcie was recognized 16 times in 2018 by co-workers and community members for outstanding service accomplishments.  Highlights include: making learning fun for the children who visit library events, making programs enjoyable for patrons of all ages and a positive, helpful attitude that patrons come back for. We also would like to congratulate our first place runner-up Kurt Gally, Senior Library Technician, and second place runner-up Lisa Moskowitz. Congratulations to all!  You are STARS in our book

2017 "Star Service" Trophy Recipient

Employee STAR award winners 2017 Marcie Enriquez, Kurt Gally and Lisa MoskowitzGlendora Public Library's 21st annual "Star Service" Trophy recipient for 2017 is Kurt Gally, Senior Library Technician.  Kurt has been a Library staff member for just over one year.  He was recognized 11 times in 2017 by his co-workers and community members for outstanding service accomplishments.  Highlights include: providing outstanding customer service along with flexibility, being recognized for exceptional customer service and outstanding work and tireless effort. Congratulations, Kurt!  You ARE a Star!

Congratulations also to Michelle Welti, Library Aide I, and Marcie Enriquez, Library Aide III, who tied for first place runner-up.

2016 "Star Service" Trophy Recipient

Lisa Moskowitz and Cindy Romero

Glendora Public Library's 20th annual "Star Service" Trophy recipient for 2016 is Lisa Moskowitz! Lisa has been a Library staff member for over 10 years.  She is often seen working at the front desk or the copy center.  Lisa also works behind the scenes to help make sure all of your favorite magazines are out and available.  Lisa IS a Star and we are so proud to have her as a member of our Library family!  Congratulations Lisa!

Our second place winner is Daisy Fregoso and we have a tie for third place: Mariefe Parado and Cindy Romero.  Congratulations to all!

2015 "Star Service Trophy" Recipient

Malla Ramkishun, Marcie Enriquez and Cindy RomeroGlendora Public Library's 19th annual "Star Service" Trophy recipient for 2015 is Maricela Enriquez! Marcie joined the Library family in 2014 as Library Aide II.  Marcie was recognized 14 times in 2015 by her co-workers and community members for outstanding service accomplishments.  Congratulations, Marcie!

We would also like to congratulate Malla Ramkishun, Library Aide IV, our first place runner-up, and Cindy Romero, Senior Librarian, our second place runner-up, for their exceptional Star Service during 2015.  It is an honor to work with such caring and dedicated staff! 

2014 "Star Service Trophy" Recipient

Janet Stone and Cameron RichmondThe Glendora Public Library's 18th annual Star Service Trophy Recipient is: Cameron Richmond, Library Aide II.

Cameron joined the Library family in 2012.  She was recognized 18 times in 2014 by her co-workers and community members for outstanding service accomplishments.  Congratulations, Cameron!

Congratulations also to first place runner-up Daisy Fregoso, Library Technician,  and to second place runners-up Jennifer Reyes, Library Technician, and Lisa Moskowitz, Library Aide III.


2013 "Star Service Trophy" Recipient

Daisy Fregoso
The Glendora Public Library's 17th annual Star Service Trophy Recipient is: Library Technician Daisy Fregoso! Seven. That's how many times the word "great" was used to describe Daisy and her work in 2013.  Lots of other words were used, too: Admirable. Cool. Creative. Fast. Handy. Responsive. Successful.  And perhaps our favorite: Awesomely amazing! We could not be prouder of her and her fellow recipients, 2013 first-place runner-up Alexis Mendoza (Library Aide) and second-place runner-up Christine Cravens (Foundation Office Manager).
All of them represent the daily hard work and joy that Library staff strive to bring to Glendora.

2012 "Star Service Trophy" Recipient

Sherry Heinrich, Christine Cravens and Cindy RomeroGlendora Public Library's 16th annual Star Service Trophy Recipient is: Christine Cravens! Christine joined the City organization in 1985 and our Library family in 1997.  She is the Office Manager for the Library's Development Office.  Christine manages the day-to-day operations of the office, provides support for the Foundation's fundraising activities and the Library's publicity and marketing. Christine was recognized 22 times by her co-workers for her outstanding service accomplishments.  Highlights include: her tireless work on fundraisers such as the Trivia Challenge and Night on the Plaza; and helping to keep Glendorans informed on the Library's happenings through her publicity. Congratulations, Christine! We would also like to congratulate Sherry Heinrich, Development Office Coordinator, as our first place runner-up and Cindy Romero, Senior Librarian Youth Services, our second place runner-up.

2011 "Star Service Trophy" Recipient

Daisy FregosoGlendora Public Library's 15th annual Star Service Trophy Recipient is: Library Technician Daisy Fregoso!  Daisy joined our library family as a part-time Library Aide in March of 2006.  In July of 2007, Daisy was promoted to a full-time Library Technician.  In 2009 Daisy received her certification from Citrus College in Library Technology.  This is the second time that Daisy has won top recognition for her excellent customer service skills.  in 2009 she garnered her first top award and in 2007 and 2008 she was a Star Service runner-up.  In August 2011, Daisy was recognized by the City Manager for receiving 15 merit coupons. Daisy has an infectious laugh and continuous smile on her face.  Her creativity has helped with streamlining work processes, and creating promotions for library services and events.  She is a member of the library's SOS (Support our Staff) committee that raises funds for staff events and celebrations.  She is always willing to put in extra hours at public service counters when asked.  She has received numerous commendations from both the public and staff on her positive attitude and wonderful customer service skills.
We would also like to acknowledge Star Service runners-up Daniela Overlock, Library Technician, Sandy Krause, Librarian II and Christine Cravens, Library Aide IV.

2010 Employee of the Year - Management

Cindy Romero, Senior Librarian, Youth Services

At the City of Glendora's third annual Employee Recognition Luncheon, Cindy Romero, Senior Librarian-Youth Services, was awarded the Employee of the Year 2010 - Management award.  Here are some excerpts from the nomination paper: "..Cindy is a shining star for the City and the Glendora Public Library.  Cindy is a dynamic, enthusiastic leader who is passionate about encouraging all children to read and help them improve their reading skills.  This encouragement extends even to the library's youngest patrons, as Cindy provides early literacy activities for them, and parenting education for the parents...."

Cindy and her staff plan and implement the annual Summer Reading Club, which brings in over 1,000 youth participants each summer.  During the summer reading club, Cindy and her staff also supervise over 100 youth volunteers.  These volunteers (age 10 and older) are taught basic work standards, as well as customer service leadership skills.  Cindy created Battle of the Books, a teen reading trivia event.  Cindy also received several recognition awards, such as the 2009 Very Special Person Award from California State PTA and the 2008 Glendora Council PTA Children's Advocate award, just to name a few.  Cindy is aware of fiscal realities and always investigates new and innovative approaches for youth programming with an emphasis on low-cost programs.     

Cindy makes a positive difference that extends throughout the community to the youth of Glendora.  Her dedication, energy and enthusiasm are apparent to the children and families who visit the Library.  As one mother wrote, "You provide exceptional service every time I visit the Library."
Congratulations, Cindy!

2010 "Star Service Trophy" recipient

Caroline HernandezGlendora Public Library's 14th annual Star Service recipient for 2010 is: Library Technician Caroline Hernandez!  Caroline started working part-time for the Library in 1983 and went full-time in 2001.  She has dedicated 28 years of service to our Library and the community.  She was also Star Service winner in 2001 and has been runner-up many times.  Congratulations Caroline! We would also like to acknowledge Star Service runners-up Suzette Farmer, Librarian I, Susan Nock, Library Aide V and Senior Librarian-Youth Services, Cindy Romero.

2009 “Star Service Trophy” recipient

Michelle Pasillas, library director Robin Weed-Brown, Daisy Fregoso and Sandy KrauseGlendora Public Library's 13th annual "Star Service" recipient is (drum roll, please): Library Technician Daisy Fregoso.  Daisy started working part-time for the Library in 2006 and went full-time in 2007.  She was a Star Service runner up in both 2007 and 2008.Daisy was recognized 14 times by the community and her co-workers for her outstanding accomplishments.  Her accomplishments include being identified by library customers for providing excellent customer service, for exhibiting grace under pressure and for providing sensitive support in assisting a new
literacy learner. We also acknowledge Star Service runners-up: Sandy Krause, Librarian II, and Michelle Pasillas, Library Aide III.

2008 Employee Excellence Award - Management

Anne Pankow
In 2008 the City of Glendora began a customer service staff recognition program as well.  13 library staff members, including Daniela, Sandy, Daisy and Anne Pankow, Assistant Library Director, were awarded Certificates of Appreciation.  Anne was further recognized when she was awarded the City's first Employee Excellence Award in Management 2008.  Anne has worked for the Glendora Library for 15 years and is active in the community.  She has chaired the GCCC Holiday Baskets Committee, been a team leader in the Relay for Life, and attended many community fundraisers for groups like the YWCA, Foothill Presbyterian Hospital and Glendora Rotary.  Anne's leadership skills are also evident in her role as the Assistant Library Director.  Staff turns to her for her common sense approach to problem solving and her willingness to help out during a challenge or crisis.  As the Library Director, I can honestly say I could not do it without her!


It is an honor for me to work with such caring and dedicated staff.  Every one of them is a Star!  Congratulations to all!


Janet Stone, Library Director