Strategic Plan

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Glendora Public Library and Cultural Center

Athena Club, 1904   It Started with a Vision…

1904 Athena Club establishes free community reading room 
  Glendora Library staff 1930    Grew With the Community…

1930 Glendora Library Staff
  Glendora Library building, 1972    Became a Symbol of Glendora’s Heart and Soul…

1972 to present: Glendora Public Library and Cultural Center

Glendora Public Library and Cultural Center
Plan of Service 2006-2010

Library Mission

The Glendora Public Library and Cultural Center enriches the community by connecting people to the world of ideas, information and imagination to support their work, education, personal growth, and enjoyment. The library stimulates civic involvement and is a symbol of the community's well-being.

The Planning Process

The Glendora Public Library embarked on a two year strategic planning process in 2004. A committee comprised of members of the community, Friends Foundation, Library Trustees and library staff explored current and projected demographics, trends, strengths and weaknesses of the library, as well as the roles and services of the library.

Focus groups were convened in 2005 representing key segments of the community: teens, seniors, schools/parents, service/business organizations, and the faith community. Feedback was gathered on what library services they expected or desired from their public library and how well services were currently being delivered. After the conclusion of the focus group meetings, two open community meetings were held to gain a broader perspective and to help prioritize responses. Several meetings with the library staff were also conducted to fold in their valuable, frontline insights and provide feedback on the community's input.

The Library Board of Trustees reviewed and identified key service areas and roles for the library to focus on based upon the information and feedback gathered by the strategic planning committee. They are: self-directed personal growth for all ages (Lifelong Learning); and responding to the demand for information about popular culture, social trends and recreational experiences through the library's collections and programming (Current Topics and Titles). The plan resulting from this wide and varied input will guide library services and resource allocations and it is intended that the plan will be reviewed and updated annually.

The Findings

It was found that Glendorans closely mirrored national priorities for public library services. (Marist Institute for Public Opinion: The Public Library: A National Survey , Nov. 2003). The priorities identified by the citizens of Glendora are: programs and services for children, technology, accessibility, a comfortable environment, customer service-oriented and competent staff, good collections in a variety of formats, cultural programs for all ages and outreach into, and partnerships with, the community.

The expanding of technological applications will be a major focus in responding to the current and future needs of Glendorans. More resources will be made accessible via the website making them available to Glendorans from home, office or school at any time of the day or night. Staff training in using, promoting, and instructing the public in electronic resources will become a priority.

An additional area will be promotion of the library and its services. Comments were made by the public that the library was the 'best kept secret' in town. Many of the services and resources identified as desired by the community are currently offered at the library. New and innovative techniques will be explored to further enhance the library's visibility which will include the use of e-mail and cable television. In concert with these innovative techniques, the utilization of traditional methods that are currently in place will continue to be used such as newsletters, press releases, newspaper articles, presentations to community groups, and the library's website.

Key Service Areas 2006-2010

The Glendora Public Library and Cultural Center supports self-directed personal growth and development, lifelong learning, for all ages. This includes:

  • Staff knowledgeable in subjects and topics of interest to the community and able to provide expert assistance in locating materials of all types and formats;
  • Collections that are easily accessible and organized to encourage browsing;
  • In-depth collections and resources in areas of special interest to Glendorans;
  • Access to collections and resources from home, work, school or other venue through the appropriate use of technology;
  • Programs and resources that encourage and support informal learning from introducing children to the joy of reading to more structured adult literacy services;
  • Individual and group meeting and/or study areas;
  • Outreach into, and partnerships with, different segments of the community to promote lifelong learning and library services and resources.

The Glendora Public Library and Cultural Center strives to fulfill our community's appetite for current information about popular culture, social trends and recreational experiences through its collections and programming. This includes:

  • Staff knowledgeable about popular culture and literature;
  • Collections that reflect the community's interests and in a variety of formats with enough copies to meet demand;
  • Programs and exhibits that reflect community interests and stimulate dialogue;
  • A pleasant environment with warm and friendly staff that facilitates community interaction and browsing of the collections.

Library Strategic Planning Committee Members:

  • Jim Theel, President, Glendora Public Library Board of Trustees, Committee Chair
  • Ed Tronaas, Educator, Focus Group Facilitator
  • Gordon Trask, President, Glendora Public Library Friends Foundation
  • Sylvia Slakey, Glendora Public Library Board of Trustees
  • Anne Pankow, Development and Educational Services Manager, Glendora Public Library
  • Suzette Farmer, Staff Member, Glendora Public Library
  • Robin Weed-Brown, Library Director, Glendora Public Library

Glendora Public Library Board of Trustees:

  • Jim Theel, President
  • Sandra Freeman, Vice-President
  • Don Fields
  • Doug Hodson
  • Sylvia Slakey

A Special Thank You to Elke Cathel, Administrative Assistant , Glendora Public Library, who booked rooms, contacted participants, wrote letters, made signs, transcribed pages and pages of flip chart notes, and generally kept us all on track!

Goals and Objectives

FY 2006/2007

Expand virtual/electronic access to library services and resources

  • Launch and Promote new library website and URL (web address); Summer 2006
  • Train staff on new databases available for public; Summer 2006
  • Begin promotion to, and training for, public targeting key user groups based on database content (e.g.: BusinessDecisions database promoted to business community; California Missions database to students); Fall 2006
  • Purchase and promote audio downloads, books and/or music; Fall 2006
  • Purchase and promote Reference e-titles (reference materials in electronic form); Winter 2007

Readers Advisory:

Expand training for staff to increase skills; August 2006

Reader's Advisory module purchased and incorporated into the library's web-based catalog assisting the public in what to read next based on genre, subject, author, etc., of the last read; e.g., "If you liked Harry Potter try."; Fall 2006

Restructure programming:

  • Add second children's sessions where needed beginning with Summer Reading Club programs; Summer 2006
  • Transfer Adult and Young Adult programming to Development and Educational Services staff, (except Summer Reading and Books Alive! programs); July 2006

PR and Outreach:

  • Channel 3 cable programs produced to promote programs and services to community beginning with adult literacy and homebound services; Winter 2007
  • Expand presentations to community groups on library services and programs; Fall 2006
  • Implement e-mail option for library patrons for holds, and related account management and to expand promotion of library programs; Summer 2006
  • Promote Friends Bookstore remodel and relocation; Summer 2006


  • Begin implementation of main floor layout remodel to respond to community input gathered in strategic planning process; August 2006
    • Move tech center to west side of building and consolidate with other computers and breakdown current tech center;
    • Relocate Reference desk to former bookstore area;
    • Create quiet, comfortable reading area for public surrounding planter, former tech center and turn planter into focal point-sculpture/art work, water element, etc.;
  • Add shelving to relieve congestion and accommodate remodel; Winter 2007
  • Begin replacement of 20 study carrels that are 35 years old, worn and splintered; Winter 2007

FY 2007/2008

  • Create and expand, online tutorials on library resources for patrons;
  • Implement Public Library Association's "Every Child Ready to Read" early literacy program for children from birth to 5 years;
  • Purchase and implement Polaris (library's web-based catalog) Kid's Catalog module;
  • Plan and implement one book discussion group for youth to gauge interest/demand;
  • New copier service; City-wide issue;
  • Continue internal layout remodel:
    • Move community bulletin board and related agency pamphlet to lobby;
    • Turn former bulletin board area into bookstore-like New Books area-improved lighting, face-out shelving, chairs;
  • Continue replacing study carrels;
  • Continue to add shelving and relocate materials as needed to accommodate remodel;

FY 2008/2009

  • Begin planning for expanded children's area-story time room to respond to community input, accommodate increased usage and reduce noise on main floor;
  • Replace circulation desk and security system to respond to ADA and ergonomic issues;
  • Forum upgrade: projection equipment, storage space, speakers/audio equipment, conferencing equipment replaced/upgraded;
  • Improve subject headings on stack ends to facilitate independent use of library when all additional shelving is in place;

FY 2009/2010

  • Build children's room expansion