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History of the Library - Glendora Public Library City Librarians / Library Directors

The early years of the library are a bit hazy. To the best of our knowledge:

No Image Available   Mrs. McCormick, Mrs. Shepherd, and Miss Lucinda Brown

No Image Available   Mrs. Margaret Shields

1904 -1905
No Image Available   Ms. Florence Buck

Mrs. L.N. (Lucetta Nancy) Suydam   Mrs. L.N. (Lucetta Nancy) Suydam

No Image Available   Mrs. Mary Coulter

Miss Harriet Gifford   Miss Harriet Gifford, the first official City Librarian 

Mrs. Hazel Dormer   Mrs. Hazel Domer

1934-1960 (12/31/60)
Mr. Henry C. French   Mr. Henry C. French

1961-1961 (1/1/61-6/30/61)
Mrs. Albert (Elizabeth M.) Swinney   Mrs. Albert (Elizabeth M.) Swinney

1961-1963 (7/1/61-10/31/63)
John O. Jolly   Mr. John O. Jolly

1963-1968 (11/1/63-9/15/68)
No Image Available   Mr. Mel C. Cantor

1969-1972 (4/17/69-5/1972)
John O. Jolly   Mr. John O. Jolly

1972-1986 (6/72-6/86)
Ms. Constance (Connie) Tiffany Corcoran   Ms. Constance (Connie) Tiffany Corcoran

Roberta (Robin) Weed-Brown   Ms. Roberta (Robin) Weed-Brown

 Janet Stone  

Ms. Janet Stone


Photographs courtesy of:

  • Glendora Historical Society
  • Glendora Preservation Foundation, Inc.
  • Bobbie Battler Photography Collection
  • Glendora Woman’s Club
  • Daughters of the American Revolution Society, Research Center, Calif. State Headquarters, Glendora, CA
  • Huntington Library


Brief History of Glendora. A collection of unpublished writings, letters and includes “History of Glendora Library by Mrs. L.N. Suydam” (written in the late 1920’s), other hand written biographical notes, and reports about various city organizations. Complied by unknown, available at Glendora Public Library

Darlington, Kay. The Making of the Glendora Public Library From 1903 Through 1930. Self-published, June 1999; available at the Glendora Public Library

Krause, Sandra. (2003). The Glendora Public Library and the women who made it possible: 1902-1922. Unpublished manuscript.