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History of Glendora - Incorporation 1911-1950

Compiled by Culver Heaton, Jr.

The first City HallOn November 13, 1911, Glendora was incorporated and it officially became the City of Glendora; 2.5 square miles in size. The first City Hall was built in 1913 on Glendora Avenue, just north of Bennett Avenue which was the first lot sold in Glendora back in 1887. This building (now the site of the Glendora Historical Society Museum) was previously used for the City Hall, Police Department, Jail, and Fire Department until a new City Hall was built. The second and current City Hall, was erected in 1921, is located on the southeast corner of Foothill Boulevard and Glendora Avenue. As well as the City administrative offices, the building once housed the Police Department, Jail, Library, Fire Stations, U.S. Forest Service and for many years the local weekly Municipal Court was held upstairs in the City Council Chambers.

The second and current City HallAlthough Glendora is now generally known as a “bedroom community” one world famous industry, Rain Bird Sprinklers, was established here. The sprinkler was invented in Glendora in 1933 by Orton Engelhart and later financed, manufactured and marketed by Clem LaFetra.

Glendora’s “Golden Get-Together” in April 1937 commemorated the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the town. The day was celebrated with a parade, contests, speeches, barbecue supper, historical play and two dances. In 1940, Glendora citizens donated land for the U.S. Forest Service Headquarters at the northeast corner of Foothill Boulevard and Wabash Avenue. The new building was hand crafted as a civilian W.P.A. (Works, Public Administration) project. Glendora’s contribution to the World War II defense effort was the U.S. Propeller Plant. After the war, Glendora experienced another boom and many of the citrus groves began to be replaced by subdivisions.