Founding & Naming

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History of Glendora - Founding & Naming

Compiled by Culver Heaton, Jr. 

Founder George D. WhitcombGlendora’s founding father was George D. Whitcomb, a wealthy Chicago manufacturer who came to Southern California for his health. He arrived in 1885 and purchased a 200 acre rectangle of land for $40 per acre, which today is the heart of the community. Also in 1885, the Santa Fe Railroad began building a line through the San Gabriel Valley. Whitcomb persuaded the railroad to shift its proposed route between Pasadena and San Bernardino to the north of the South Hills and close to his proposed town.

Whitcomb combined “Glen” which described the narrow valley of his property at the north end of Glendora Avenue, with the latter part of his wife’s given name, Leadora, and named his new town “Glendora.”

In 1885, the Methodist Church was established in Glendora and soon other churches and schools were built to accommodate the growing population.