Water Billing

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  Southern California Edison
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The Finance Department services approximately 13,000 water utility accounts. Account holders are billed by US mail on an eight week basis following an electronic meter reading by Water Billing personnel. Billing statements are mailed from City Hall every Thursday.

Establishing A New Water Service Account

In order to open a water account please complete the Water Account Opening Request form (see link). Home or business owners are required to furnish proof of property ownership. Proof of ownership can be furnished by an escrow closing statement, deed, property tax bill or mortgage statement.

New accounts for non-owners require a $200 deposit. This deposit is refundable within 4 to 6 weeks of the termination of service, less any balance remaining on the account.

In addition, all new customers must provide proof  of identity. If you have any questions, please contact the Water Billing Division at (626)914-8239 or email waterbilling@cityofglendora.org

Paying For Water Service

Water service is billed in arrears. This means that your invoice for service covers the prior 56 days. From the billing date on the invoice, payment must be received within 42 days. On the 43rd day the account is in delinquent status and a second notice is mailed applying a 10% penalty. On the 55th day the service will be discontinued by Public Works staff. From this point, a $70 reconnection fee is applied if the service is returned to compliance during the business day. A $100 reconnection fee is applied if the service is restored after business hours, and this payment is due by 10:00am the next business day.

Payment Methods

  • Internet Payment
  • Automatic Account Debit
  • US Mail (remittance envelope included with your bill)
  • City Hall Cashier
  • Drive by Drop Boxes.
    • Two night drops in the parking lot behind City Hall.
    • One adjacent to the rear doors.
    • One adjacent to the Library’s evening book drop. 
    • Payments are retrieved once a day at 8:30am.

* All payments should be made out to "City of Glendora".  

Payment Extensions

We allow two billing extension per year. To be eligible for an extension, a written request must be presented to the Finance Department prior to the proposed turnoff date. To facilitate this process, a payment extension request form is found below.  The extension is due two weeks from the proposed turnoff date.  Customized billing calendars are available upon request.

Change Of Address

All requests to update the contact information on water accounts must be made in writing.  If you would like to update the information on your account, please use the link to obtain a request form, complete the form, and send it to the Finance Department via fax, email, or traditional mail.

Closing Your Account

In order to close an account, please complete the linked form , and send it to the Finance Department via fax, email or traditional mail.  Once the request has been received, a Water Billing representative will contact the customer to confirm receipt of the request.  The representative will then process a work order to close the account.  To prevent computer-based errors, we kindly ask that customers request an account closing no more than two weeks in advance. 

Questions Regarding Water Meters and Conservation

The City’s Water Division addresses the practical concerns of account holders regarding water service. Please contact the Public Works Department at (626) 914-8246 for maintenance issues.  For conservation issues, please contact Water Conservation at (626)852-4838. 

Emergency Financial Assistance

In cases where customers need emergency financial assistance to make payment of their water bills, Finance personnel recommend that customers contact the Glendora Welfare Association at (626)857-1181.  The Glendora Welfare Association is a non-profit organization that provides emergency assistance to residents of the city.  They are not a government entity, and the City in no way guarantees that the association will be able to assist all customers.  However, in many cases they can assist customers who face sudden or extreme financial hardship.

Additional Utilities

All addresses that are not serviced by the City of Glendora for water should contact Suburban Water Systems.

Electrical services are provided by Southern California Edison.

Natural Gas services are provided by Southern California Gas Company.

Telephone services are provided by Frontier Communications.

Trash services are provided by Athens Services for all incorporated areas of the City of Glendora.

Cable services are provided by Spectrum.


Maria Carpenter, Utility Billing Technician
116 E. Foothill Blvd
Glendora CA 91741
(626) 914-8239
(626) 852-9650 - FAX