City Clerk

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116 E. Foothill Blvd
Glendora, CA 91741-3380

  • (626) 914-8210 | Phone
  • (626) 914-8258 | Fax

The City Clerk is the local official for elections, local legislation, the Public Records Act, the Political Reform Act, and the Brown Act (open meeting laws). The City Clerk’s office ensures that legislative actions are in compliance with all federal, state and local statues and regulations and that all actions are properly executed, recorded and archived.


The Office of the City Clerk is a dynamic information center whose services impact a diverse clientele, including the general public, the media, and other governmental entities. With the advance of the Information Age, the City Clerk has set out to modernize the Office of the City Clerk to bring more efficiency and innovative ways to manage its services, utilizing the latest information management tools and principles.

The City Clerk’s office promotes open government and the democratic process by preserving and maximizing public access to City records. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide equal and exceptional customer service to all and to extend the same treatment to others that we wish to receive; are mindful of the neutrality and impartiality in our work; and strive to improve the administration of the affairs of the City Clerk’s office consistent with applicable laws and through sound management practices to produce continued progress and fulfill the needs of the Community and City of Glendora.

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