Self-storage Facility at 919 S. Lone Hill

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Self-Storage Facility at 919 S. Lone Hill

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The City of Glendora Planning Department has received an application related to the proposed development of a self-storage facility at 919 S. Lone Hill Avenue.


The approximately 1.29-acre project site is vacant and void of any buildings or structures; it was a former Caltrans-owned property that has previously been disturbed. The site is bound by major auto dealerships to the south and southeast across a Los Angeles County Flood Control channel (San Dimas Wash) and Lone Hill Avenue; Interstate 210 to the north; a park-and-ride lot to the east, across Lone Hill Avenue; and undeveloped open space and a Metrolink rail line to the west.

The City’s General Plan land use designation of the project site is Light Industrial. Per the City’s zoning map, the project site is zoned PR (Planned Redevelopment).


The proposed project includes the development of a self-storage facility and related site improvements on the project site. The facility would include a 40-foot tall building that includes 113,868 gross square feet (90,680 leasable) within three stories, plus a basement level. Vehicular access to the site would be via a new driveway off Lone Hill Avenue, which would connect to an internal east-west drive aisle running the full length of northern portion of the site from Lone Hill Avenue to the rail line. Access into the self-storage facility would be controlled via computerized access gates.

Project development requires City review and approval of a General Plan Amendment. The amendment would be for proposed text changes to the General Plan Land Use Element. Specifically, the text amendment is to increase the permitted floor area ratio for all properties in the City having a general plan designation of Light Industrial and a zoning designation of PR, which at the current time only applies to the project site. Additionally, pursuant to the City’s Municipal Code, the development requirements and permitted use of the project site are currently undetermined and are required to be established by the City Council. The proposed project also requires City approval of a development planned review in the PR zone.

The City has entered into a contract with PlaceWorks, an consulting firm who is charged with helping the City  with environmental and technical services  in order to analysis of the proposed development in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

Public Hearings and Schedule

Because this project requires a General Plan Amendment, public hearings by both the Planning Commission and City Council will be required. Public hearing notices will be mailed to all property owners within 500 feet of the subject property and be published in the San Gabriel Valley Examiner when this item is scheduled for public hearings. No public hearings have yet been scheduled for this project.

Contact Information

  • Glendora Planning Department: Mark Carnahan, City Planner (626) 852-8253 or
  • Project Applicant: Bill Fox (951) 533-8130  or  bfox@williamfoxgroup
  • Current Property Owner: Mark Lamoureux
  • Proposed Operator: CUBESMART Self Storage

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