Rebate Program

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We regretfully announce that due to the excellent participation of residents we have exhausted our funds for the turf removal for the remainder of this fiscal year.  Those with applications approved as of October 30th, 2015, will be honored as long as they follow the guidelines.  

There will be no change to current approvals or those already participating. The Water Division will look for future opportunities to reinstate these programs, but in the meantime we are proud to announce some NEW rebate items! 

We have funds still available for water efficient devices such as rain barrels; faucets, washing machines.  Please call (626) 852-4838 to discover a full list of items available and to see how you can qualify for them.

In an ongoing effort to encourage water conservation, the City of Glendora is offering multiple rebate incentives for City of Glendora residents. 

  • If you are a Glendora Water Customer and purchase your qualifying items with a Glendora merchant, you may qualify for the City of Glendora, Water Conservation Rebate Program. Please see below for details and a complete list of qualifying items.
    • Some of the qualifying items in the City of Glendora, Water Conservation Rebate Program may also qualify for an additional rebate through Please see their site for a list of qualifying items, current rebate amounts, and on-line application.  
  • If you are a Glendora Water Customer and you purchase a qualifying item outside of Glendora, you would NOT qualify for a rebate through the City of Glendora, Water Conservation Rebate Program. However, you may qualify for a rebate incentive through Please see their site for a list of qualifying items, current rebate incentive amounts, and on-line application. 
  • If you are a Glendora resident who is NOT a Glendora Water Customer, please visit for a list of qualifying items and possible rebate opportunities.

City of Glendora, Water Conservation Rebate Program Details

Rebate Requirements:

1.  Applicant must be a Glendora Water Customer;
2.  Qualifying product(s) MUST be purchased at a Glendora merchant (online purchases do not qualify); and
3.  Qualifying product(s) MUST be installed at the Glendora address listed on the Glendora water bill and application; and
4.  Application must be received within six (6) months of the purchase date.
5.  All items MUST be installed prior to application being received.

Click Here for Rebate Program Details

To request a rebate:

1. Fill out a Glendora rebate application
2.  Include a copy of your most recent Glendora water bill; and
3.  Include a copy of the receipt.

Submit all required items by following the instructions on the rebate application.

The City reserves the right to verify and inspect rebated devices.  Funding is limited and submitting an application does not guarantee you will receive a rebate.  Rebate will be issued on a first come, first serve basis until funding is exhausted.

For more information, please contact the Glendora Water Division at (626) 852-4838.

Additional Rebates    

In addition to the City of Glendora rebate, additional rebates may be available from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California for qualified items(subject to changes).  Please click on the link below for additional information:

For additional rebates, please click on the link below:


  Customers in Metropolitan’s service area are eligible for a High Efficiency Toilet rebate, and can apply even if they already received a rebate as long as the HET was purchased on or after August 12, 2015.  There is a limit of 1 rebate per toilet and 1 toilet per household.