Landscaping Tips During a Drought

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Conserving water during the drought does not mean you have to eliminate your landscaping. You can save water and maintain your landscaping, which not only beautifies the community, but also promotes a healthy environment.  The City of Glendora offers these helpful tips to assist you with your landscape preservation.

  • Improve soil structure and water holding capacity by applying at least ¼ to ½ inch of sweet-, earth-smelling compost over your lawn.  Best times to apply is in Spring and Fall
  • Spread at least 3-4 inches of organic mulch around plants and trees to significantly retain soil moisture and cool the soils around the plant material
  • Aerate lawns and fill holes with compost
  • Mow grass higher to hold moisture and promote deeper root growth
  • Repair broken sprinklers
  • Repair leaks
  • Water your Trees
  • Plant native or drought resistant plant material
  • Program your sprinklers with multiple start times to run cycles about 5 minutes each.  Run the cycles at least 30 minutes apart to allow for water absorption.  If runoff occurs, reduce the minutes per cycle.  

  • Do not prune plants/shrubs if possible, pruning stimulates growth, which needs more water
  • Do not use high nitrogen fertilizers during drought
  • Do not plant high water requirement plants, trees or grass
  • Do not water between 8am and 5pm to avoid excessive evaporation