Capital Projects

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2017-18 Capital Improvement Projects Summary 
Completed Capital Projects


Grand Avenue Street Rehabilitation, Plan No. 1164

This project involved the complete removal and replacement of severely damaged sections of Grand Ave. from Leadora Ave. to Sierra Madre, including new striping and signage. It involved the removal and replacement of lifted sidewalk, reconstruction of the curb and gutter, replacement of the curb ramps, upgrading of water lines and connections for fire flow at multiple intersections along the stretch. 

Amelia Avenue - Route 66 to Country Club Dr. - Water Main Replacement Project, Plan No. 1193

This project involved the installation of a new ductile iron water main on Amelia Ave. as well as the installation of new connections at all intersecting streets and the elimination of an old connection to the Country Club Reservoir. It included the replacement of existing fire hydrants, customer laterals, and water meters to create a more reliable water system.  

 Cullen Controller - Web  
Traffic Signal Controller Upgrades (Six Locations) #1198


This project replaced existing Traconex traffic signal controllers at six (6) intersections with new Econolite ASC/3 series controllers. The Traconex traffic signal controllers were over 30 years old and were unreliable, frequently overheated and shut down, and replacement parts were no longer available.  


Baldy Vista Avenue & Donington Street Water Main Replacement Project Plan No. 1209

This project upsized portions water main along Baldy Vista Avenue, Donington Street, and Leadora Avenue to meet fire flow requirements as recommended in the City’s Water Master Plans.