Annual Early Morning Parking Permit Application FAQ's

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1.) How do I qualify for an Annual Parking permit? 
    a. You must have more vehicles than the legally permitted available off-street parking at your residence. 
    b. All parking spaces, including garage and driveway, must be used for parking of vehicles and not for storage. 
    c. Only passenger vehicles may qualify for parking permits. RV’s, motorcycles, boats, etc., do not qualify for permits. 
    d. All vehicles must be currently registered to the application address being provided for exemption. 
    e. All driver licenses must reflect the address being provided for exemption.

2.) How many permits can I apply for? 
    a. You can apply for as many permits for vehicles that are over the amount of legal spaces your property is built for. 
    b. Permits are issued per calendar year beginning January 1st through December 31 for the year that you apply for.

3.) How do I apply for a permit? 
    a. An application form must be completed and turned in to the Community Preservation Bureau. 
    b. All applications must be submitted in person with all the required documents. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. 
    c. Mailed and faxed applications with not be accepted. 
    d. Payment must also be made when submitting an application. 
    e. A fillable application can be found here (PDF)

4.) Do I need to bring in my vehicle registrations? 
    a. Please provide copies of current registration to ALL vehicles parked at your residence. 
    b. All registrations must reflect the address being requested for exemption.

5.) What if I am a student living in Glendora? 
    a. When applying for a permit, let the office know you need a student exemption parking permit. 
    b. Still provide copies of all registrations and driver licenses even though your primary residence will be a different location. 
    c. Provide a current copy of your lease agreement showing that you reside in Glendora. 
    d. You must provide a copy of your valid student I.D. and/or current school registration. 
    e. The fee is the same as a regular permit and must be paid when submitting an application.

6.) What if I live in an apartment complex? 
    a. You may qualify for a parking permit only if there is proof of deficiency at your apartment unit location. 
    b. Depending on the number of bedrooms you are leasing, the number of parking spaces should be matching (example: one bedroom=one parking space, two bedrooms=two parking spaces, and three bedrooms=three parking spaces). 
    c. If the number of parking spaces is less than the number of bedrooms, you may apply for the amount of parking permit(s) to equal the amount of bedrooms you are leasing. 
    d. The amount of people or vehicles is not a deciding factor for parking permit qualification. Only the amount of bedrooms vs. parking spaces is considered.

7.) What if I live in a RV/Trailer Park? 
    a. Residents of RV/trailer parks do not qualify for annual parking permits as they are regulated by the State of California. 
    b. Residents are only allotted the space they are leasing within the trailer park for parking of RV/trailer and vehicles. 
    c. Residents may request for additional parking within the trailer park to their property management if available. 
    d. You may obtain daily parking permits to park on the street only.

8.) What if I drive a company vehicle? 
    a. Please provide a letter from your supervisor on your company’s letterhead indicating that the vehicle has been issued to you. 
    b. The letter shall indicate your name and home address. 
    c. Provide a copy of the company vehicle registration with the application. 
    d. All commercial vehicles are still subject to the Glendora Municipal Code section 10.12.060-Prohibited parking of commercial vehicles in residential zones. 
    e. The fee is the same as a regular permit and must be paid when submitting an application.

9.) What if I change my vehicle or license plate after I have purchased a permit? 
    a. Provide a copy of your new vehicle registration or the sale agreement showing the vehicle identification number (V.I.N.) if you do not yet have plates on the vehicle. 
    b. A new permit will be issued to your new vehicle and the old permit will be retracted as null and void. 
    c. There is no additional fee to exchange a permit within the same year issued.

10.) What if I change my address after I have purchased a permit? 
    a. Provide a copy of your new change of address form from DMV for your driver’s license and vehicle registrations. 
    b. There is no additional fee to exchange a permit within the same year issued.

11.) What if I move from the City of Glendora before my permit expires? 
    a. The application payment is non-refundable as established by City Council resolution. 
    b. There is no proration for using a parking permit for only part of the year.

12.) What if I have a disabled placard? 
    a. Any vehicle displaying a disabled placard is exempt from having to obtain a parking permit. 
    b. Placard must be displayed in lieu of parking permit to avoid citations.

13.) How long before I receive my parking permit? 
    a. You are issued a temporary parking permit at the time you submit a completed application to be used immediately. 
    b. Once your application is processed and approved, you are mailed the parking permit decal. 
    c. Parking permit decals are issued to the specific vehicle and are not interchangeable to other vehicles.

14.) What if my application is denied? 
    a. You will receive notification via U.S. mail if your application is denied. 
    b. Application payment is non-refundable as established by City Council resolution. 
    c. Appeals for denial can be filed with the City of Glendora Planning Commission located at City Hall.