Planning Applications Online

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At this time, the Zoning Verification Letter is the only type of planning application that is accepted online. All other planning applications must be submitted in person at the Planning Department.

Zoning Verification Letter

The link below will take you to the City of Glendora's eTRAKiT online records system.  Through eTRAKiT, you can submit an application for a Zoning Verification Letter and pay online with a credit card in lieu of submitting a paper application form.

When you enter the eTRAKiT system, you will complete the following steps:

  1. Register to use eTRAKiT by creating a user name and password (or log in with your user name and password if you are already registered)
  2. Read the disclaimer veriyfing that you are authorized to submit the application
  3. Select "Zoning Letter" for the Project Type
  4. Enter any information related to your request in the Description box (optional)
  5. Search for the address of the property for which you are requesting the letter
    • Tip: Use % as a wildcard
    • Tip: eTRAKiT will only recognize the primary property address that is used by the Los Angeles County Assessor to identify the property.  Additional addresses assigned to bulidings or tenant spaces will not be recognized.
  6. Upload any documents related to your request (optional)
  7. Enter/verify applicant and property owner information
  8. Pay the $214 application fee using your Visa or Master Card (your application is not submitted until the fee is paid)

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