Payroll Administration

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Payroll performs a vital financial function to ensure that employees are paid on time and accurately. Payroll is responsible for establishing and maintaining employee records such as pay rates, insurance deductions, association dues, tax levies, wage garnishments for child support, withholding orders, withholding taxes, leave banks, retirement, and other voluntary and involuntary deductions. Payroll also administers the employees’ benefits in accordance with their respective Memorandum of Understanding.

The City payroll is processed on biweekly basis. The procedures involve collecting timecards from the employees, checking and auditing timekeeping records for compliance with the FLSA, inputting employees’ hours worked, leave time taken, and special compensation into the payroll system, reviewing system-generated reports, creating ACH file for direct deposits, printing of payroll checks and direct deposit vouchers, creating accounts payable batch for remittance to vendors, and payroll interface and posting to the general ledger.

Approximately 244 direct deposit transactions and 31 payroll checks are processed every pay period.

It is an important Payroll responsibility to ensure that quarterly and annual employment tax returns, required by regulatory agencies, are filed in a timely manner. Payroll tax liabilities are remitted to taxing authorities within the due date. In calendar year 2015, there were 347 W2s processed and distributed to full-time and part-time employees.

One of the significant components of the City’s annual budget is the payroll budget. Payroll compiles and prepares the payroll budget. The salary and benefits analysis is coordinated with the employees’ contracts. Position control is also maintained in accordance with the budget.

Additionally, Payroll is involved in various projects. Research and analyses are conducted to prepare special reports for auditors and gather data for inclusion to the financial statements. In the course of contract negotiation between the City and bargaining groups, Payroll creates reports as necessitated by management. Payroll also responds to numerous surveys and provides statistical data to the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment Development Department, and other agencies.

Payroll prides itself in its ability to provide exceptional customer service through timely and informative responses to all internal and external inquiries.