The Finance Department accounts for all City and Redevelopment Successor Agency revenues and expenditures, monitors internal controls over a variety of transactions, administers water utility collections, cashiering and public counter services, payroll, accounts payable and receivable, manages several competitive grants, prepares payment of all obligations for review and approval by the City Council, and through the Accounts Payable operation, sends out approved check warrants to vendors for the payment of goods and services. 

In conjunction with, and subject to, the independent certification of the City’s independent audit firm, the Department prepares the City’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).  Under the direction of the City Manager, the Department prepares the City’s annual budget.  The Department provides monthly interim financial reports and monthly investment compliance reports to the City Council at public meetings.  Once each year, the Department provides the City Council with a Mid-Year Budget Review report that estimates financial results for that year and offers insights into significant financial issues in the following year.  

The Department works closely with the Investment Advisory Committee in the management of investments and the City’s Investment Policy.  

Specific activities include:

Fiscal Policy Advice and Guidance - Provides revenue projections and rate review; develops innovative and cost effective ways of financing City services and facilities; prepares and implements policies and plans for effectively managing the City’s financial resources and maintaining its long term financial health; advises the City Manager on fiscal matters; reviews Council agenda reports and other policy documents for fiscal impacts.

General Accounting Services - Coordinates and prepares the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and Single Audit; coordinates annual and special audits; prepares the State Controller’s report; maintains the general ledger system and chart of accounts; prepares daily cash deposits and reports; reconciles monthly bank statements;  processes the City’s employee payroll; files monthly and annual reports with taxing authorities and regulatory agencies; coordinates employee benefit coverage and reporting with the Human Resources Department; processes the City’s accounts payable and issues checks to vendors; files annual reports required by regulatory agencies; reviews internal controls and adherence to established purchasing ordinances; establishes accounting and purchasing policies systems and practices; reviews contract documents for compliance with City purchasing policies; accounts for the City’s fixed assets; maintains Citywide accounts receivable system including grant receipts and coordination of recovery of delinquent accounts with an approved collection agency; maintains historical records of the City’s financial performance.

Investments, Banking, and Debt Administration - Manages the City’s investment portfolios in accordance with adopted policies including daily cash management and cash flow; coordinates broker/dealer services and identifies appropriate investment vehicles; creates and maintains the City’s Investment Policy; administers the City’s banking services contract; coordinates project financing and debt service obligations; and serves as liaison to the Investment Advisory Committee.

Utility Billing - Coordinates customer service orders, billing, and collecting water service payments; supports the City’s water conservation program; provides financial information to the Water Commission.

Business License - Administers the business license program including issuing new licenses and annual renewals of all City businesses; implementing gross receipt verification programs and providing mandated business license information to the State.

Cashiering and Public Counter - Providing public counter and cashiering services at City Hall and processing of revenues from other City facilities.

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