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City to Replace Lost Oak Tree

Post Date:09/29/2016 10:49 AM

2016 Oak Tree Obituary 1303 East Foothill

Trees, like humans, age, contract diseases and can be hurt by the actions of others.  The City of Glendora spends over a $1 million annually to maintain its Urban Forest that which makes Glendora so attractive.  Despite the effort undertaken to care for the 18,000 trees under our control, there are times that trees succumb to those factors.  

One such tree is the Oak tree located near the northeast corner of East Foothill Blvd. and San Jose Drive.  While the early signs of disease and stress were noticed a few years back and an effort to treat the tree was undertaken by the Community Services Department, unfortunately those efforts have not produced results.  Given its prominence in the neighborhood, the Department undertook the extra step to bring another certified arborist for a second opinion to see if there was a way to save the tree.  That report, confirmed the City on staff arborist’s opinion that the tree was too far infested with disease to be saved.   (READ THE ARBORIST REPORT HERE)

Due to the location of the tree next to both the street where vehicles pass every day and a sidewalk where pedestrians are walking, the City will be removing the tree to ensure they are not harmed by the tree toppling over in winds or through a soaked soil during the upcoming winter rains.  

While unfortunate, the City will be planting two new Oak trees in that area as part of its replacement program. 

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