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Opera Talks - "Opera and Social Politics"

Opera Talks - "Opera and Social Politics" / January 12, 11 a.m. / Friends Room

Join us for an interactive presentation given by one of LA Opera’s Community Educators!
The word ‘politics’ evokes a distaste for the petty squabbling and unscrupulous feuding of people hungry for power and money.  But more widely, politics is about the distribution of power in society between various groups and individuals, and the relations between the (relatively) powerful and the (relatively) powerless.  Politics is not only about how we are governed, or who governs us, but also about the collective values and purposes of our societies, and what they might be, or should be. In the true sense, the political is that which is of public interest.

Viewed in this light, opera is, and nearly always has been, intensely political. This month's talk uses excerpts from five different operas which exemplify politics writ large.

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